Mini Bird or Dog House ornament for the tree. Approximately 1" tall. Comes with a hook to hang. - $1 each (please specify bird or dog house)

Paper House Ornaments
Tiny paper houses in plastic eggs. These houses are hand designed and built, so each one is unique. Each year has its own design, so you can add a new design each year to your collection. To check out the collection, click on the image above.

Paper House Ornaments are currently $9 each

40-Triangles Pysanky Ornaments
The original pagan symbolism of "Sorokoklyn" (40 triangles) has been lost, but is now taken to mean the 40 days of Lent, the 40 martyrs, the 40 days Christ spent in the desert, and the 40 life tasks of married couples. To check out our 40-Triangles pysanky collection, click on the above image.

40 Triangles Pysanky are currently $7 each

Banded Pysanky Ornaments
Lines or patterns that circle their way around an egg are often called meanders, waves, or ribbons among artists. Traditionally they are considered a water symbol and symbolize infinity and immortality.
To check out our banded pysanky collection, click on the above image.

Banded Pysanky are currently $7 each

Felt Ornaments
Don't feel your house is safe enough for an egg ornament? How about a hand sewn felt one? Great as a present topper or to accompany a gift card. To view the remaining felt ornaments in inventory, click on the above image.

Felt Ornaments are currently $5 each


Snowflake Pysanky Eggs
The snowflake is about the uniqueness of all of us - we have the same basic structure, but are all a little different. To Check out the snowflake Pysanky Collection, click on the image above.

Snowflake Pysanky are currently $5 each