40-Triangles Pysanky
The original pagan symbolism of "Sorokoklyn" (40 triangles) has been lost, but is now taken to mean the 40 days of Lent, the 40 martyrs, the 40 days Christ spent in the desert, and the 40 life tasks of married couples.

Unless marked otherwise, all pysanky on this page are $7 each

All eggs come carefully packed in their own box, with an ornament hook - perfect for wrapping, shipping or storing. $5 each

Each egg is created using a resist wax dye method (colours go on , then resist is applied to "keep" the colour desired before going into the next dye). These are made using traditional Ukrainian methods but with modern motifs. Pysanky itself dates back well before Christianity and pieces of dyed egg shells have been found that are over 3000 years old. With Christianity, many symbols were added into pysanky and older symbols and colours were adapted to fit the new religion.

In traditional Pysanky, each colour has its own symbolism:
White: Purity and Birth
Yellow: Light and Purity. Youth, love and the harvest
Orange: endurance, strength, ambition; passion tempered by wisdom; the eternal sun
Pink: Success, contentment
Red: action, charity, spiritual awakening; sun, joy of life and love
Green: Fertility, health, hopefulness, spring, wealth; victory of life over death
Blue: clear skies, air, good health, fidelity
Purple: fasting, faith, trust, patience
Black: constancy or eternity; death, fear, ignorance; darkest time before dawn

Combinations of Colours:
Black & White: mourning, respect for the souls of the dead
Black & Red: Ignorance arising from Passions
Red & White: Respect, protection from evil powers
Four or more colours: family happiness, peace & love