Handmade Aggravation game board (roughly 11"x11"x3") . Great fun for the whole family. Only 1 left. 4 player game $40


Tic Tac Toe game - 3.5 inches across. Each game comes with 8 marbles (colours will vary). Great contained small toy which makes it perfect for a stocking. $5

Corridor - Enjoy this game of strategy and out-thinking your enemy. For 2-4 Players. As easy to learn as checkers. Only 1 left. $40

Aggravation Rummy - similar to Phase 10. Set comes with two brand new sets of cards, instructions, 6 handy "cheat sheets" for playing, sample score card, 4 double sided scoring cards. All in a handmade wooden box created with wood from the Robson Valley. Beautiful gift, and an awesome family game. Limited sets available. $40 each


Linked Logs - (only 2 sets available). Comes with enough logs to create both houses as shown. Handmade with local wood (no preservatives or dyes used). Comes in a plastic bin for easy storage. $30 per set.

Building Planks. Planks are created with local wood and are a great STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) tool. Create mazes, towers, bridges, art designs, the options are endless. Great way to have your kids/grandkids
use their imagination in play. Set comes in a plastic carrying case and has 120 pieces. $30

Small Wooden Toys ...
Small Train Whistle - $5 each
Car, Semi or Pickup - $3 each
Mini Train - $3 each
Mini Train set - comes in its own box - $7
Airplane (comes with stand) - $4
Camper set (comes in its own box) - $7

Remote control cars. For the person who has everything (or the child who really wants the power). Only the 2 shown available. $10

Chicken Dinner - nice small gag gift for the stocking. $1 each

Thumb Twiddlers - When the kids have said "I'm bored" for the 20th time in 30 minutes, pass them this little device. Great for training their thumbs and teaching them that boredom is a privelage. Great fidget spinner to send them to school with, because this one won't annoy their teacher with that high pitch sound. Also good for people with beginning arthritis in their hands. Limited quantity. $2